VDL:2 On Dell Laptop

I just received a laptop for my graduation present..WOO-HOO...but I cant seem to get it to work with VD:2...

Heres the stats:

Dell Laptop
Windows XP
40 GB Hard Drive
1 GB Ram
Intel Celeron M
1.40 GHz
Finale 2005

I would really just love to be able to use the lite version of the drumline samples....Any help would be greatly appreciated

Jordan Williams
Lee County High
Section Leader/Percussion Arranger

Dixie County High
Cross City, Florida
Percussion Arranger
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There's no reason those stats would prevent you from using VDL2.  The catch is we have no idea what you got stuck on.  How about what you've done so far, and where you're stuck??!

I haven't mastered the ";read the mind"; jedi trick quite yet...
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