Finale - Mod Wheel using Expressions e.g. Playing Zones

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Hey all,

So I'm relatively new to VDL2 and recently thought of a good way to make the necessary mod wheel changes in Finale using ";expressions";.  I am not sure if there is already a topic covering this, but I didn't find one that focused on this idea. And really, this idea can be applied to any sort of mod wheel changes, such as tenor implement changes, and perhaps bass implement changes (haven't fooled with that one yet).

1) The first thing you would need to do is select the EXPRESSION TOOL (icons appears as an mf marking) and click somewhere on the music. A dialog box should come up, listing all of the previously created expressions.

2) Next, click on CREATE. In the text box type whatever the text needs to say. For the purpose of this tutorial, we'll use ";edge"; for the edge zone on snare, then give it a description if you want (doesn't matter) and set the font to make it appear however you desire... perhaps some wingdings :-)

3) Click on the PLAYBACK tab, and under type, select CONTROLLER then type 1 in the box or select MODULATION from the drop down menu.  For value, enter any number between 90 and 127.

      0-43 for center
      44-83 for halfway
      90-127 for edge

4) Click OK then do the usual expression stuff, and VOILA!

That process can be repeated for any sort of mod wheel stuff that you might want to do. If anyone has done something like this for the keyswitch stuff, please add that on here. Anyhow, I hope this proves useful for some. Happy new year everyone!

You are my hero!
I just read this as I work on drum books for the fall. This is a GREAT addition to my capabilities. Thank you!

I posted something similar to this about a week ago on another thread.  I wish I would've stumbled on this one before all of the headaches that came with learning how to do it.

But I am on here now trying to figure out a way to use the keyswitch feature.  I'm trying to incorporate the use of puffies in my BD's and quads.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
All of these, keyswitches and mod wheel, are available as text expressions in both the finale 09 and 10 templates.

Yes, notice that the date on this thread is from 2006.  Not to say that it doesn't work, but it's definitely a bit dated in terms of the current built-in functionality of the template.

The information Ted mentioned is all clearly documented in the ReadMe that came with the template, if you've purchased the template.
Thanks, Bryan and Ted.

I found another thread that told me exactly how to use the keyswitch function.  I own Finale 2010, but the problem is that there are some serious limitations with the staff styles.  Pre-2010, you were able to use whatever staff style you wanted for whatever staff.  Therefore, I continue to use 2008 (I never upgraded to 2009).  I wish I could use that template that already has everything set up.  Still, I feel better knowing how to do it myself.

Thanks, again, gentlemen.
Does it work the same way for Sibelius? I tried following the instructions, and it didn't work :(
[quote author=fyg2000 link=topic=985.msg19107#msg19107 date=1272925934]
Does it work the same way for Sibelius? I tried following the instructions, and it didn't work :(

If you're using the [url=]Tapspace VDL template for Sibelius 6[/url], Mod-wheel and Keyswitch functions are controlled either by dictionary text, or specific noteheads or staff placement. Included with the template, you'll find a super detailed read-me file which explains all these various functions in depth. If you've gone through that, and still find yourself stuck, it's probably best to start a new topic related to Sibelius with step-by-step details of what you're trying to accomplish and how you're attempting to make it happen.
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