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I recently had to reinstall Windows XP due to viruses.  I have reinstalled VDL2 but cannot access the Kontackt player.  I get this message: ";Application installation error, please reinstall VDL2.";  I have repeatedly tried reinstalling, but no luck, same message.  Any ideas?

Disregard last post.  Problem solved!

Agh!�� JF, what did you do to fix it?

I had to wipe the drive my OS was on, too many crashes.�� The only thing I did differently on this install (as far as I remember) was to try to place VDL2 on a different partition.�� The original error I got was something like, well heck I don't remember the exact wording, but I remember it asking me to browse for this file:�� [b](not set)\Virtual Drumline 2\Virtual Drumline 2 Library\Virtual_Drumline2_part1.nks[/b] or something to that extent.

So I point it to where the library folder is and I get the same error JF got.�� [b]";Application installation error.�� Please reinstall Virtual Drumline 2";[/b].

I reinstalled, still no workie.

Might it be a filepath error?�� Does the filepath need to start with Virtual Drumline 2 for Kontakt to recognize it?�� This is the filepath it is currently saved under:�� E:\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2

Damn I'm stumped.�� Gonna try changing filepaths to see if it does anything at all.�� Funny thing is it worked absolutely fine on the first install, no glitches whatsoever, course I didn't change anything back then either...

Please post if anyone gets any bright ideas!!!


Manually deleting VDL2 doesn't work.�� Using add/remove programs in control panel no workie either.�� Only after using the VDL2 uninstall and reinstalling did the default install filepath show up again.��

Hmph, maybe it was not having ";program files"; as the beginning of the filepath that messed everything up.�� Honestly, I don't care, it's working now, but hopefully this thread will help someone in the future.��

Thanks for building one cool piece of software Jim!!!��

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