I need some help

Recently i downloaded the finale demo and im trying to decide between VDL:2 or Finale and im asking for your opinion?  i dont know alot about VDL:2 so i was wondering if its like Finale were you put the notes on the page if not how does it work? Thanks

In a more event driven way, it goes like this:

Sibelius and Finale both do two things -- a) ";engrave"; notes onto the page, and b) create MIDI information.�� Once you have a notewriter/midimaker, you need an ";instrument"; to play the midi.�� There are lots of choices.�� Windows and OSX come with a tiny midi playback engine, so you get decent sounds.�� They're not good, but they aren't like an old nintendo either.�� Finale and Sibelius come with some sounds, and they're better.�� VDL2 is another choice, and it has fantastic sounds for percussion.�� I'm sure that's why you're here.�� So in a good situation, you'll have:

Finale/Sib[you write notes, and press play] - - - midi events - - -> Virtual Drumline instrument - - - sampled playback - - -> your soundcard >> speakers >> :)��

So if you want notes on a page, and then to print it out, you need some sort of notation tool.  I'd encourage Sibelius as well.  Then you can get both notes on a page, and great audio.  If this isn't exactly what you want to do, let us know.  It's the typical use by most.
chazg is right! VDL:2 is [b]not[/b] a notation program. It is a virtual instrument (just sounds). It can be used together with a notation program. The notation program writes the notes on the page. VDL2 creates the ultra-cool sounds.

If you haven't used a notation program before, I'd offer another recommendation for Sibelius 4. Many people feel it's easier to get started with, and it doesn't sacrifice any power. You can try a demo [b][url=http://www.sibelius.com/cgi-bin/download/get.pl?com=sh&prod=sibdemo]here.[/url][/b]

If you are currently enrolled as a student, you can get a great deal on Sibelius. Check here for pricing at Tapspace:

Hope this helps.
Virtual Drumline is a sound sample library that is used in con-junction with Sibelius or Finale. In order to get the scores you write in Finale to sound like a Drumline, Finale basically triggers the sounds in Virtual Drumline, as it plays.

Does this make more sense to you. I'm sure the guy's at Tapspace can provide a better explaination, but this is how I describe it to some of the other instuctors in my area that have never used it.

Best investment I ever made, with Sibelius 4 running a close second!

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