A question about the m-audio transit.

Ok, here I go again.  I had recently purchased an internal sound card for my lap top, the soundblaster audigy2 zs.  It had some problems so I took it back to bestbuy, so instead of replacing the item I simply got my money back, and I am now looking at getting the m-audio transit. 

Now my question is this.  How does the m-audio transit stack up to the audigy2?  Is this what I should get?  Let me know what you guys think.  OR, if there is a better option let me know.  THANKS
I don't have any experience with the M-Audio Transit, but looking from the specs, it should work well for you, particularly since it uses ASIO 2 drivers. It won't be internal obviously, so you'd have to be sure the USB connection was made anytime you're working with your audio stuff. Not a big deal for a desktop system, but perhaps just a minor inconvenience if you're moving around a lot with your laptop. Still, since M-Audio is typically geared more toward pro audio, I'd guess it should be a decent solution for you. Check with Sweetwater on pricing. Their rates are generally very good, and their service and customer support is top notch.
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