World Perucssion and Other Instruments

Well I have been playing with this for a while.  Maybe I am over tired and I jsut cant figure it out.  I am trying to write a piece using African and World Perucssion parts, but I can't seem to get them to work.  I have taken the template provided by Tapsapce and tried to change that to work with the World Percussion sounds.  Is there a different way to do this.  What do I change in my mixer setting

Does anyone know how to set up template or change the template for drumline so that World Percussion sounds work.  I never really needed anything but the drumline template before this, but know that I need a different template I don't know how to set it up or if it is easy as just changing the librarys in VDL2. 

I am currently using:

Sibelius 4
Oxygen 8 Keyboard
and Marble Midi Setup

Thanks Nick 
This is correct. What jmattson is describing is that in order for the template to work for a certain instrument (i.e. 14in djembe), you must first define that staff (in sibelius) to use that particular [b]staff type[/b]. There are numerous staff types embedded in the VDL2 template that correspond to VDL2 mappings. Once you've set your staff to a particular staff type, it will place the notes appropriately, and play back the sounds mapped in that particular instrument.
Here's how I do it...

1. Once you have the template open, press ";i"; to add a new instrument to your score. 
2. Add a generic 5 line percussion instrument. 
3. Select the first bar for this instrument in the score
4. Make sure you have the Properties window open (ctrl+alt+p) and you will see a section for ";Staves";
5. in the Staves drop down menu, scroll down to the VDL2 instrument you want.  For example, ";VDL2 Congas All Auto RL";

This works for any instrument you want to add to the template. 
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