Can't Delete Snare Bars in Template

For a short drum break, I need to delete some of the bars in the template. When I do this, everything gets deleted on those last 3 pages, except for the snare.

So, for example, if I delete everything on pages 3-5, I end up with pages 1 and 2 as I would expect. However, I also end up with 3 lines of snare on page 3, because the snare part can't be deleted. I've tried to delete just those 3 lines, or individual bars, etc., and nothing seems to work.

Is there a way to remove these extra snare bars, or is this a problem with the template?
Can you provide us with the exact steps that you're taking?  We of course can't see what you're doing, so we're going to have to rely on your step-by-step recreation.

I'm sure after it's explained that way, we'll be able to try it ourselves and get you a good answer.
Well, it doesn't matter how you do it. But here is one method ...

Open VDL2Template_v0.9.2
Reduce view to 25%.
On page 3, click on first bar of SD line.
On page 5, hold down the Shift key and click on last bar of Perc 2 line.
Everything from the start of page 3 to the end of page 5 is now selected.
Hit the Backspace key (or right click and select Delete).
You are left with 3 SD lines on page 3.
No matter what method I have tried, I can't delete those lines or even individual bars.

And if you want [i]really [/i] bizarre ...
If you delete just the snare line first for those last 3 pages, it will seemingly go away. [b][i]But[/i][/b], after you delete everything else on those 3 pages (either as a group, or even one line at a time) the snare line will magically reappear, once all the other instruments have been removed.
Actually it [i]does[/i] matter how you do it. The method you describe doesn't technically delete the bars. To delete bars completely, you need to first CTRL-click (so there is a double-frame around it). Then shift-click the bar at the end of the span you want to delete. The double-frame will tell you the bars will be completely deleted once you hit delete.

The method you describe would simply be a way of removing the content from the selected measures (notes, text, etc). Once deleted, Sibelius will often ";hide"; the empty staves. With those bars highlighted, simply click ";show empty staves"; from the ";Layout"; menu, and you'll see that you didn't actually delete those bars at all. They were just hidden.

Deleting measures is covered in your Sibelius documentation under ";Bars>Deleting."; It's the simple things that get us. :)

Try control-clicking the measure(s) you want deleted. It will create a double-purple box, different from the standard single-blue box. If you control-click the last measure, then shift-left arrow until you have selected all the bars you want deleted, it should do the trick.

Let me know if that doesn't work.

I mean... what Jim said.
Yea - I knew all that.
I claim senility! :-P
This is what happens when you don't use a program for a year.
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