Can VDL2 be used by overture2 or 4?
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Overture 4 supports VST instruments and VDL2 can be used as a VST instrument, so it would actually be easier to use (in theory) than Sibelius. 
Thank you for the reply immediately.
By the way, can VDL1 be used in overture4?
Yes and no.  Yes you will be able access the VDL:1 sounds using overture.  VDL:1 uses soundfonts or gigastudio files which can be used in conjunction with the Gigastudio sampler or a soundfont compatible sound card.  The problem you will run in to is the entry of the notes.  There is no official template available for Overture as there is for Sibelius or Finale.  Because of the amount of notes and sounds availble in VDL:1, note entry would frustrate you, unless you take the time to build a template of your own.  I am not familiar with Overture, I have it since it came with my GPO discs, but I have no desire to learn.

If you wanted to use VDL1 with Overture4, it would probably be best to load the sounds into Kontakt, which in turn would be hosted as a VST within Overture. I haven't personally done this, nor do I know th extent of Overture's percussion mapping functions. Keep in mind that the more complex battery instruments (tenors and bass in particular), can span up to 6 or 7 octaves worth of sounds, so thats a lot of individual pitches you'd need mapped. Mapping is important so that your non-pitched percussion parts don't appear with all kinds of pitch indications, accidentals, etc.
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