Garageband with finale&vdl2

I would like to use garage band to record my vdl2 work, but Im a little confused on how to do it. I read a tutorial  about how to do it using sibelius, but not for finale. Would I follow the same guide line or is there a different approach all together. Here is my set up.

Apple ibook (tiger 10.4.4)
finale 2005
garageband(newest version)

I appreciate any help ya'll could be. thanks

-Darryl Jones
Cool man, I'll try that right now ....thanks
Have you figured out how to use VDL:2 in Finale?

If so, you would follow the same procedures as you would for Sibelius.  When you finish your score in Finale, export the score as a MIDI file.  Import that MIDI file into Garage Band and load up the VDL:2 as a plug in, and tweek away with velocities and levels.
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