audacity question

when you record with audacity, is it common for the program to record everything in the background. It recorded my vdl2 stuff along with the tv in the back ground and my cell phone ringing . Is that just how it records or is there a setting to record only from the computer? I thought I would try it out so Im sure there is something that I am missing. Could a usb sound card be used for anything pertaining to this  ? thanks again for any help.

-Darryl Jones
Under preferences, set your recording device to your sound card instead of your microphone.
Upper right hand corner -- you can adjust it (too) easily from there.
The only option I have under recording preferences is for Built in audio.
If you're using a Mac and do not have any other audio interface, then built-in audio is your only option. In this case you will need to either get another audio interface or using an audio routing program. There are a couple mentioned in other places in the forum. HTH.

Ted Boliske
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