need help with the mod-wheel in Finale

I entered in all the mod-wheel changes for the timpani hard full (MW), but there is no playback of the changes, it just plays regular strokes.  I'm trying to back track everything I did, but of course, no luck.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Freddie Smith
I figured out my problem.  If you have any type of human playback setting for finale on, you won't be able to hear any mod-wheel settings you made.  Make sure it is on the ";none"; setting.

I can't believe it took my that long to figure out.  oh boy =(
Are you using VDL2 as a plug-in (in Finale 2006), or in stand-alone mode (pre-2006)? It shouldn't make a difference, but it would be worth checking to see if both methods react the same way.

It's also possible to create mod-wheel changes by adding a playback effect to a text attribute. This is kind of how it's done in Sibelius, although it's a little simpler with Sib. Still, this may actually be a little faster process in Finale, but I'm not sure. I guess it depends on your preference. Check out Bryan's tutorial at:
I entered in every mod-wheel change in the midi tool, then with continuous data, highlighted the notes and entered the midi numbers 1-127. 

I don't know if I overlooked something.
Did you enter the commands in your score or did you just adjust the Mod wheel when you  were entering?  You have to enter a mod wheel change into the score that tells the Kontakt player to adjust the wheel.  I am not familiar with Finale, I suspect it's the same with both Sibelius and Finale.  In Sibelius it looks something similar to this,  ~C1,127.

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