Fun way to disable tremelo in Sibelius 4

Fun way to disable the tremolo in sibelius 4.

This is obviouly useful when using VDL2 to obtain buzz rolls in the battery, or rolls on keyboards/timp, while still maintaining the correct printed score.

1. Highlight the Tremelo (not the note, just the lines)

2. Open the Properties/Playback panel.

3. There is a check box that says ";play tremelo";, Uncheck it.

NOTE: This also works for the Buzz (Z) symbol.


Just a bump up for anyone writing their fall band shows. I know I was trying to figure this out.
Yes - this is a GREAT new feature introduced in Sibelius 4.1. It will work on any slash-style tremolos or ";z"; buzz roll notation. I'm loving this one!
Oh yea, You don't have to select just the tremelo, you can select the notehead if you want. Imagine that....

Sibelius + Mac + AU Lab = Bliss (mod VDL2)

Finale + Windows = Frustrating x Diablo
FYI: This only works as of Sibelius 4.[b]1[/b].
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