I'm really sorry to ask a question that may have been asked already, but I tried searching through the forums and couldn't find anything.

So, if I understand correctly, VD2 does NOT and CAN NOT work at all with Gigastudio?  Pardon my ignorance, but I've been a gigastudio user...just basically making demos of my pieces, so I'm not even all that familiar with all of this sampling stuff. 

If there is a way to use Gigastudio instead of Kontakt, could someone let me know how?  Thank you very much!  I fear that if there is no way, I might just have to buy VD1.  It was hard enough to get Gigastudio to work with my PC! 
You are correct - VDL2 is not compatible with Gigastudio. However, you don't necessarily need to worry about sample platform since VDL2 already comes in its own sample player (the Kontakt Player), and you don't need Kontakt (the full program) to get going with it right away.

Hope this helps.
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