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I'm trying to get a buzz roll to start on 4 and end on 2.  I'm using the medium crescendo roll.  The main problem is that when it gets the rimshot or any note the buzz roll stops.  I have it notated as quarter notes with the tremelos out of the playback so that's not the problem.  i want the roll to connect right into the rimshot on beat two as if i were playing it.  is there some kind of notation error with me?
I haven't used them a lot but I believe the crescendo buzz rolls are a fixed length so it probably won't connect cleanly. How does it sound if you do a tap release or a different type of buzz roll?

In reality if you are writing this for a line, a buzz roll released w/ a rim shot probably won't be clean anyway. so you may be able to try something else to get the connection to work.
Can you guys give a more complete example of the problem?  I think I get it, but explain it a little more...  I think I might have an idea, but I want to test it...  let me know.
I have a buzz roll starting from one measure to the next in sibelius 4.1, it starts on beat four of say measure 8 and end on beat 2 of measure 9, therefore the rolls must be notated as quarters and aren't connected on playback.  I already tried tying them together and its not the tremelos but the rolls aren't connecting in sound
Something to try.

Try using a slur instead of a tie.  Even though the note is on the same line of the staff, the midi note is different when going from a buzz roll to a standard note.  Let us know if that helps at all. If it doesn't we'll keep troubleshooting.

That's not the only problem though, the roll just won't connect, like it starts the crecsendo over again for each quarter note and since it starts on four it has to bel notated as a quarter note unless i change the time signature but i'd prefer not to do that. In more basic terms it starts the crescendo on 4 and 1 then won't connect with the end rimshot or regular tap for that matter. i have sibelius 4.1 if anyone wants to actually notate it to hear how it sounds for yourself. 

The slur didn't work but it was a good idea
email me your sibelius file and I will see if it plays correctly on my machine.  gabecobas(at)
i have aol, it says i can only send text email or just insert a picture
i kind of solved the problem by using the normal buzz roll on beat 4 and using the short crescendo roll on beat one and it ends on beat 2 with the rim shot pretty clean, it works for now but you cannot use a tie
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