Multiple voices

Everything is going great.  I have Finale 06, Windows XP Pro.  How do I get it to play Snare and Tenor at the same time?  I know how to load both voices on the VDII Virtual Keyboard... but how do I tell the Finale staff which voice goes with which staff?

If you're using the 2006 template available from this site, the snare and tenor channels are already set to 1 and 2 respectively.
Bill touched on what you need to do. You have to have your channels set correctly in the VDL2 player, as well as the Finale Instrument List window. If Snares are set to channel 1 in your Finale score, be sure the snares in VDL2 are also set to 1. Tenors channel 2 in Finale, make sure they're set to channel 2 in the player, etc.
OK.  So I thought I knew how to do that.  How do I change channels on Finale and on VDII?

Also, my flams (grace notes) sound too open when played back.  I have changed the edu... what else can I do?

VDL2 ";MIDI-IN"; is discussed on page 26 of the VDL2 manual.

For Finale, you set staff channels using the ";Instrument List"; window which is covered in the Finale documentation.

You can do a search on this forum for ";Flams"; or ";grace notes"; to see how others have tightened their grace note playback in Finale.
Got it.  Thanks.

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