Finale 2003 Template problem

I have been using VDL1 since it came out. Loved it, and was reluctant to switch to VDL 2.
I did finally switch over to VDL 2. The program sounds incredible, but I have one problem. The templates do not work for some reason. For instance, when I use my midi keyboard and type in a split 3 bass run top to bottom, it all shows up on the middle line of the staff with different notes heads for each hand and each drum. (Plays correctly though) The same problem happens with snare. Left and right hands are different note heads.

I am guessing there is something I am doing wrong??? I have Finale 2003 and the templates from October.
I double checked the percussion maps in finale. Everything is wrong.(Noteheads, correct lines, etc.) I then download the Finale 2003 template from tapspace again, same thing.
There are some problems with how the Finale 2003 template ported from the other templates from later versions of Finale. As a result, there has been significant work done to start re-mapping the Finale 2003 template, however it's not yet complete.

I don't have a quick solution to offer you at the moment. There will be a revised Finale 2003 template available in the future, but in the short term I realize that doesn't help you much. You could either spend a little time tweaking the map yourself, or perhaps consider upgrading to the current version of Finale - which doesn't exhibit the strange template behavior that you're currently seeing.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
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There are problems with the Finale 2003 template which I'm working on trying to correct. In all likelyhood, the template will have to have the battery maps rewritten. The best advice is to upgrade to FIN2004 or later. Beginning with 2005, you can save your Finale files as audio files and with 2006 VDL2 is supported as a VST/AU plugin. Sorry for the bad news. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Ted Boliske

I have been working on the template but the changes don't seem to save. The biggest issues are in the bass and tenor maps. It is possible to correct one map, save it, check it, move on and find that the first map has reverted back. This why I think these maps will need to be rewritten from the ground up. I'll have some time this coming week to dive in to the work.

Ted - sorry to hear the 2003 nightmare presses on. Not that this helps, but the good news is that it seems that the problem has only affected a very small amount of people since Finale 2003 is becoming an ancient fossil (at least by software standards).

In any case, thank you [i]very much[/i] for tending to the remedy. It's good to know the 2003 template is in good hands, and hopefully before long we'll be able to offer it for Finale 2003 users who haven't yet upgraded to more current Finale versions.
Jim and Ted,

Thanks for the reply. I do need to upgrade finale. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen until next year. I am going to spend some time working on the maps to suit my purposes right now. I will fix them as I go along. Is there anything I need to do tomake sure they save and don't revert?
Maybe it's time to take a look over on the Sibelius side of the fence...  crossgrades are probably about what you'd pay for the newer finale versions now...
[quote author=MShoremount link=topic=1022.msg4270#msg4270 date=1141356652]
Is there anything I need to do tomake sure they save and don't revert?

That is the $64K question.

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