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So, I decided to experiment with Bidule for windows, since a few people have said they really found it easy to use and whatnot.  I figured out how to use it with the no problem, but I am having some serious latency problems, or so it seems that's what the problem is.

This may sound dumb, but for Bidule to ";see"; the VDL2 VST .dll file, I copied it into the Bidule VST folder.  Was that completely wrong?  I couldn't figure out how to make Bidule find it any other way. 

I am running XP on a 3.00GHz with 2GB, so I know that computer resources are the not the problem. Any ideas. Thanks guys.
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You may want to play around with some of the buffer settings in the Bidule preferences. This may affect your latency some (for better or worse). I'm not too well seasoned in the specifics of Bidule and how it may perform with different Windows soundcards, but your audio driver may also have something to do with this. If there's any sort of control panel to offer control over your soundcard driver, that may also be of help. I'd definitely suggest you check in with the Plogue folks on the Bidule forum as they can likely give you much better advice. It's at:

Placing the VST.dll file into the Bidule VST folder was exactly the right thing to do. Nice going! It's one of those non-obvious Windows things where in order for a host program to see a VST plugin, you first have to copy the plugin file (the .dll) to the VST folder of the program that needs to use it. Fun huh? This one has tricked many Finale 2006 folks. It's a simple thing to do - it's just not obvious.

Good luck!
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