Finale - Multiple Instances of VDL2 and Winds

I am able to hear my winds assigned to channels 17-33 and I am able to hear my orginal opened version of VDL2 but when I open a second vdl2 I am unable to hear it.  I have assigned the channels as such.  The 1st instance of vdl2 is using channels 1-8 and the second instance of vdl2 is using channels 9-16.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I am using midi yoke and I have assigned the 9-16 channels to midi yoke 2.

Well, I think I figured it out.

I'm not sure, should it look like this?

Midi in Device:                  (USB 1x1) - (Base Channel)=1      Midi Out Device:     (Midi Yoke NT: 1) (BC=1)
Open Advance
                                         Nothing in Midi In:                        Midi Out:      default MIDI Output Device 17
                                         Nothing in Midi In:                        Midi Out:       Midi Yoke NT: 2  then enter 9

All others empty below:

Is this correct? 


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Try assigning both instances of VDL2 to MIDI yoke 1.  #1 = 1-8, #2 = 9-16

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