Different Maps for Different Layers?

I think I already know the answer to this question, but I figured that it would be worth it to field it anyhow. Is it possible to assign different maps to different layers in Finale?  I searched the Finale related forums, but those are never really geared towards the needs of percussion arrangers.

And just for future reference (when I finally make the switch to SIbelius) is this possible in Sibelius either? Jim, I've see you post Kontakt bank setups with a collection of instruments on one staff, but do they show up properly from a notational standpoint?

Thanks guys!
Hey Bryan,

Any time a bank change is done in Kontakt 2 (along with Finale/Sibelius) the best way to keep it all neat and clean is to do a staff type change.  That way, the notes appear where the should and the student typically won't see the staff difference.
And - staff type changes are available in both Finale (Apply Staff Style) and Sibelius (Staff Type Change).�� This is something that Finale can do very easily along with the needed midi message for the playback portion of that change.
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