Sibelius users

Quick question for users of sibelius,
How do I put in small sticking notations. when i do like ctrl t all it does is give me big letters and they are above the notes instead of below. help would be geatly appreciated.
Thank You.
Use ";Lyrics"; (ctrl-L). You'll get a curser under the note, then hit the space bar to procede to the next note.
one problem though is when i do that the letters merge in with accencts and such on the staff below. is there any way to fix that or will i just have to deal?
I'd dare suggest that if that's a problem, you don't have enough space between staves.  You can also adjust the font for your lyrics smaller, change the rules for accents and marcatos, etc...  but the easy fix is to space 'em out.
Yes, if that's the case, I'd decrease the staff sizing (in document setup - ctrl-D) to allow for more space between staves.
ohh, thanks alot Jim!
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