A couple of VDL demos.

[i]The first is a double beat exercise called Yer Mama. Plenty of Time changes here. Starts off with standard 2's and 3's. It then splits with a Bolero ending.[/i]

               [b]Audio:[/b] http://oncampus.richmond.edu/~dcollin2/audio%20files/Yer%20Mama.mp3

    [b] Sheet music:[/b]  http://oncampus.richmond.edu/~dcollin2/pdf's/YerMama%20with%20sounds.pdf

[i]The second is a more advanced cadence, creatively titled, ";a cadence"; that I'm particularly proud of. . . It's got some challenging stickings with grooves under all of your standard hybrid rudiments.
              [b]Audio:[/b]  http://oncampus.richmond.edu/~dcollin2/audio%20files/a%20cadence.mp3

    [b]Sheet music:[/b]  http://oncampus.richmond.edu/~dcollin2/pdf's/HardCadencefinal.pdf

Thats great stuff Deanno! Some really cool and original rhythmic concepts going on in the cadence. Keep up the good work man!
Ok, now I just listened to Yer Mama. Wow, I LOVE that. It's great because on the page it looks relatively simple, but when played it sounds very advanced. I'm going to start using this in my daily routine to warm-up my hands, and share it with my students as well. Thanks again for sharing such great material Deanno!
    - Dan T.
very nice stuff here
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