Bidule and Sibelius setup

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So, I am making the switch to Sibelius and am currently trying to set up Bidule in a similar fashion as I had it set up for Finale.  My problem is that I'm having trouble figuring out how to route the MIDI out of Sibelius into Bidule.  I have been using MIDI Yoke and was using 4 instances to run 3 VDL2 instances and a GPO instance. 

In Finale, you are allowed to use up to 128 channels, while in Sibelius only 16... how do I get around this?  Are there other ways to route sound from Sibelius to Bidule other than through the mixer? I was debating investing in Kontakt 2, but is there a workaround to this problem? Thanks guys!


I figured out that all I had to do was click the ";Reset Sounds"; button in the mixer then all of my MIDI outs became available.
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Looks like you may be set. Sounds like the initial concept you needed to understand is that each MIDI DEVICE can have 16 channels of MIDI. So really, you're only limited by your system in that regard as there aren't limitations as to how many channels you can have in sibelius. I also like the fact that you don't need to route these in blocks of 16. You could, say, have Glock going out through MIDI Yoke 1, then xylo going out to MIDI Yoke 3, then drumset playing straigt out of Sibelius' Kontakt Player Silver. All you have to do is select which device you want a particular staff going to in the mixer.
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