Digital Sound Recorder

When i hit record it pops up a box and says ";The actual device can not record this format."; Im confussed as well as computer illiterate so i'll take all the help i can get... a friend of mine set VDL2 up for me and now i dont know how to save as mp3.  i have sibelius incase it makes a difference.

Welcome to the forums.  I'm guessing that your questions have been answered numerous times already.  Do a search and I'll bet you turn up something.

If you could give us more specifics about your computer, how you're loading the sounds, system resources, etc that would help us in answering your questions.

Also, have you read through the VDL:2 users guide as well as the documentation on the sound recording software you're using?
Send us an email with your name and VDL:2 serial number and we'll do our best to steer you in the right direction.
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