New user demo posted from Gabe Cobas - Ravel, Laideronnette

Just added to our [url=]VDL:2 user demos page[/url] is a great new arrangement by Gabriel Cobas of Ravel's ";Laideronnette, Empress of the Pagodas"; from [i]Mother Goose Suite.[/i] It's written for four players (2 vibes, 2 marimbas) and uses a variety of mallet selections and VDL:2 articulations including vibraphone pedaling and marimba rolls, as well a few sparing yet tastily placed suspended cymbal parts.

[b][url=]Check it out here.[/url][/b]

Great work Gabe!
Awesome work Gabe!
[size=8pt](good job Bill making the recording)[/size]  :)
Yes, [b]THANK YOU[/b] Bill for your time and graciousness.  Hopefully I will be able to solve my computer issues relatively soon.

See you in Dayton!

GREAT job Gabe!!
[quote author=drumcorpbc link=topic=1045.msg4364#msg4364 date=1142347266]
[size=8pt](good job Bill making the recording)[/size]  :)

Good job Bob!
I mean Bill!
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