Awesome Programs for Macs and powerbooks!

One Finger Snap - A program that allows you to simply hold down the mouse button for a specified period of time to activate a right click (contexual menu). I find this very useful on my powerbook G4. Me being the speed demon that I am set it to it's lowest time setting which is about .5 seconds of hold for a right click, which usually takes up let time than me putting down my Earl Grey tea that's in my left hand then finding the control button, then holding it...etc.  The only down side is that it doesn't always work in sibelius, but it's great otherwise!

Lazy Mouse - a kool little app that moves the mouse to the default button when a dialog box appears. Saves a little time and hastle if you have a trackpad on a powerbook....

Bullseye - For those that hate the dock, here is a dock alternative. Kinda. It's basically a dock in 360 degree form that you can call up anywhere on your computer. I haven't decided if it like it yet or not....

There are some other interesting apps that you may want to check out. Have fun!
I'll add a couple that make things easier for me.

Quicksilver - [url][/url]
A program / script / etc. launcher.�� Just type the first few letters of the app, and it launches.�� You never have to leave the keyboard to launch items.

Side Track - [url][/url]
It gives the track pad vertical and horizontal scrolling as well as launch capabilities.

- David
You know Windows has mice with two buttons...  the tricky ones have more.  ;)
[quote author=drumcat link=topic=1050.msg4374#msg4374 date=1142401533]
You know Windows has mice with two buttons...  the tricky ones have more.  ;)
Touche! Thank the heavens Apple finally developed the mighty mouse. I didn't think I'd take to it as quickly as I did. Now, when I don't have one, it drives me nuts. Still hoping for some back/forward thumb buttons though...

Thanks for posting these helpful utilities here guys. Some great sounding stuff! I'm looking forward to trying some of them out when I get the chance.
That mouse drives me nuts when I have long Pro Tools editing sessions....Is the Mighty Mouse worth it?
I have used a 3-button/scroll wheel mouse with OS X for years with no problems.  I never understood why Apple shipped a 1-button mouse for so many years when many of Apple's own programs require 2 or more.  I bought the mighty mouse and returned it because I didn't like the little ball and prefer a regular scroll wheel.  While OS X by itself doesn't use the extra mouse buttons as much as Windows does (and doesn't really need to) it works the same within programs like Cubase and most other stuff like Adobe and Macromedia software. 
I coudln't live without my 3 button Dell Optical mouse.

Many people have wondered why Apple is still doing the one mouse thing and their answer is because they strive for originality and simplicity, and what is more simple than only one button?

Of course for anyone in our line of work, going through all the trouble to hold Control to get a right click, or buying a new mouse, or downloading an extra program to get multi-mouse-button function isn't exactly what I would call simple, but a pain in the neck.

I love apple, but they need to get a better solution. And i'm not talking about charging for a 50 dollar mighty-mouse that doesn't come with the computer. I'm talking about my powerbook having two freaking buttons under the scoll pad and desktops coming with a multi-button mouse at no extra cost.... But then I guess they wouldn't be too ";original"; if they offered those features like every other computer vendor in the world...
From what I can tell, all the new macs are shipping with a mighty mouse. I suppose the little scroll ball is an acquired taste. I kind of like it myself as it seems I can cover more distance with less finger motion. And I think they're sticking to their ";simple"; branding by having the right button concealed within the casing. Still looks like a one-button mouse, but is much more than that. Wow, nerd central here....
I didn't think I would ever use one, until about 3 years ago when I decided to buy a trackball.

I use the Kensington Expert Mouse Pro and it is great.  Nine programmable buttons plus scroll wheel (switchable horizontal / vertical with scroll button click).  Very good investment.

If I had to add anything to my arsenal of I/O, it would be to build a footboard with command, control, option, and shift keys.  Pretty easy to do really.

- David
I really love my mighty mouse.  Didnt think I would, but it rocks.
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