Jackpack + Sibelius???

As I'm sitting at home waiting for my copy of logic pro to arrive, I was wondering if it is possible to configure sibelius to play back garageband/logic instruments. I suppose you could configure the IAC driver to output sibelius MIDI information to logic and have an instrument set up in logic to play on that channel (which you can't do in garageband) But I was wondering if anyone has acctually tried to do this. Perhaps if you really like the Jampack 4 clarinet sound and wanted to use it etc.

Has anyone does this?

While I don't use this type of system for playback sounds, I do know that there are several regular contributors to the Finale-Mac forum who do in fact route Logic sounds with Finale playback. You might find, actually I know you will, information on just how to put this together. And, to follow up on your post regarding multiple computers, there is a way to do this via networking the 2 computers. This is an area in which I have no experience. Again, my information comes via the Finale forums. I have tried to route Garageband sounds to Digital Performer using SoundFlower. My only attempt was not very productive. Also, because GB and Logic are both Appple products you can/should be able to import GB loops into Logic. Likewise the architecture for the GB instruments is the same as the Logic instruments. Logic provides greater variety and better sound quality.


Ted Boliske
I've often wondered about this as well Charlie. When you receive Logic Pro, be patient. You'll find it to be very deep, and probably more confusing than your typical MIDI setup in something basic like Sibelius or GB. My hunch is that there's probably a way to do this. The closest I've ever come is only having the ability to get one instrument track in Logic to respond to the midi output from Sibelius. If I want to switch to a new staff (to hear a new instrument), somehow I've only still been able to hear the selected track in Logic. I'd also encourage you to spend some time on some of the Logic boards - there's a really good community at:

If you have any good revelations, please let us know! Right now, I route all my sounds out of Sib into a standalone instance of Kontakt 2. Then when I want to record, I save the K2 multi, save the sib score as a MIDI file, import that midi file into Logic, then load up the saved K2 multi as a plugin in logic, and assign channels from there. It works well, but admittedly it can take a bit more time than I usually have...
I think it would be cool if Sibelius or Finale would release a ReWire compatable version.�� You could do all of your writing in Sib/Finale and buss the outputs of each channel (or just a stereo stream) into your DAW real time.
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