Illogical Logic

So I got my copy of Logic Express 7.2 yesterday and I've had a blast getting to know it better. Although when I imported some files from Sibelius I ran into an interesting delema. When i'd load up 3 or more VDL2 instruments and tried to play it back, everything crashed. I wasn't sure what the deal was since I have 1.25 gigs of Ram on my 1.5Ghz Powerbook G4. So after much toying and anguish I finally found out the problem.

If I load up the I/O this way it crashes on playback....
Mono -> AU instruments -> Virtual Drumline 2 -> Instrument of choice

But this way works fine....
Stereo -> AU Instruments ->Native Instrumetns -> Virtual Drumline 2 -> Instrument of choice

I discovered this by importing my MIDI to garageband, then imported the GB file to logic and saw the difference in the way Garageband labled the AU Instrument and the way I was trying to load it.

Does anyone know why this happends? Anyone run into this?
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To be honest, I'm not sure I've ever tried loading the mono AUs. Since the VDL2 instruments are in stereo, I've always just selected that. Maybe I'll try to reproduce that mono crash at some point. Interesting...
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