Finale 2006 - GPO player & Macs

For those of us using Finale 2006 and the GPO player please take note. There is an update for the player on both the Finale and NI sites. If you are using the Mac AU GPO player in other apps, DO NOT install this updater. It is noted only on the Finale site that this update will cause the player to only launch within Finale. I downloaded and installed the update via NI only to find that when I launched Digital Performer the new AU failed inspection.  As noted in the subject, this applies to Macs. I don't know if the Windows version of the player has an update or, if it does, that it only launches in Finale.

Ted Boliske
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I just checked the Finale site. There is a Windows update for the GPO player and it runs only within Finale.

It's time to reinstall the original GPO or start learning Sibelius.

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