Tempos On Sibelius

i noticed that on the play back where the tempo change thing is that it skips like in intervals of speed and i dont know how to get it on the exact speed wehn i want it to. Like say it goes from 135 to 139 but i want 137.
Can anybody help me with this
The tempo slider should not be used for tempo control.  To get correct tempo playback every time you should go to Create>Text>Tempo or Metronome Mark.  You can also select the measure you want the tempo change and hit Ctrl+Alt+T.

hmm, well i did that and all it did was put in the tempo marking but didnt play it back at that tempo.
and heres another question, I was browsing the forum and i found a guy who put VDL with music from the movie Signs. I was wondering if you can put a mp3 like onto your score in sibelius so i cant do what he did on other songs.
Tempos in sibelius work like regular sheet music.  Use Gabe's post to make ";quarter note = 137"; (using the quater note symbol of course)  When you do ctrl+alt+t, right click at the blinking cursor and you'll see all of the available tempo options.

Since you are asking Sibelius related questions and not VDL2, you will find a lot more information at their website and forums, and of course in your user manual.
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