Playback Audio Problem

I am having a strange playback issue. 

Sometimes, even when I am just playing back even one instrument, I get distortion.  My speakers are brand new, and I can blast heavy metal music without a problem, but get to FF on just one vibe, and the speakers crackle??  Any thoughts....??  Is it a frequency thing?  Should I be adjusting something in Kontak?  (Forgive my ignorance...)

Using VD2, Sibelius 4 and Soundblaster Audigy2 soundcard.


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It may have something to do with your soundcard settings within VDL2. Go to: File>Setup>Soundcard, and be sure you've set ";interface"; to the ASIO driver that came with your Creative Labs Audigy card. Also, try setting the latency to around 40ms or so.
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