Notes for rack combo A not showing correctly


    I've normally used Sibelius 4 with VDL2 and have no problems with it.  I'm using Finale 2006 however because I figured i'd learn it so i could just send it back to the band director at the school i teach so we can change things without having to go from program to program.  My problem is that when i input a note in the perc 1 in finale, it gets entered as whatever pitch i press on the keyboard instead of as an x for example for a cymbal crash.  It happens in only on the perc 1 and perc 2 lines.  I checked the mapping and applied the correct staff attributes and everything.  For some reason it only seems to happen on those 2 staves.  Snare Tenor and Bass don't have that same problem.  Any ideas as to waht's going on?  I'm using an M-Audio Keystation 49 e and soundblaster live 24 bit sound card.


I have this problem as well.
This may seem like a silly question....but have you selected ";All Notes"; or ";All Named Notes"; in the [b]Notes for Use screen[/b]? It is located on the bottom right of the Percussion Map Designer via the staff tool. I have noticed that sometimes the mapping will not show up if you have updated the map. It will not work until you select ";All Named Notes"; or ";All Notes";.

Let me know if that works. If not, I may have some other ideas.


I just had the same problem and the ";Use All Notes"; fixed it right up.

That fixed it right up.  Thanks Luke

Happy it worked! Good luck with everything.
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