ACID with VDL1?

Im new at looking at vdl and I just want to ask some questions to see if I can even run it and if its what I think it is.  First, are these just loops (but really really good ones)?  and, would the program ACID Music Studio work with this?  I'm asking this because i dont exactly know what it means by notation or sequencer for the requirements, i think ACID is a sequencer tho.  Ive made stuff with other loops i have but i want to get vdl to make it sound better and cooler (plus the other ones are okay sounding, not great, i have to use pitch controls to make bass drum tones and i have no tenor sounds at all).  If someone could answer these questions that would be great, sorry if this has already been answered and i just didnt look for it.
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VDL1 is not a loop library. It's a library of multisamples. So you'd have to create the rhythms and dynamics yourself with a notation program (like Sibelius or Finale) or a sequencer (like Logic or Sonar).

I don't know much about ACID, however there may be other folks here who do. If it's capable of hosting VST instruments, I'd recommend you consider getting VDL2, then just hosting it as a plugin within ACID (again...if that's possible...not sure).
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