Landscape Template & saving file as PDF in Finale 2005

Would it be possible to get the current VDL 2 template for Finale 2005 in a landscape format for printing as a downloadable update? I have changed the margin settings under the options menu and then went to page format for score, but it still prints as if it was set for portrait instead of landscape, leaving about 3 inches from the last measure and the edge of the page on the right side (it was set for .5 inches) and cutting off the bottom of my score.  The only way I have ever been able to get Finale to print my scores correctly in landscape is by using the Document Setup Wizard and setting it for Landscape during the setup process. I then saved the file to use as a template, but then I can't use VDL 2 because of the mapping. However, if someone knows how to imput the mapping in Finale without having to use the templates already created for VDL 2, I would love to learn how.

My 2nd question is how to save my score as a pdf file, that way I can email the pdf file to my students so they can open it and print their parts from home?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Finale's page setup is a quirky thing and something that used to drive me nuts before I switched to Sibelius. If you've adjusted the template for a landscape layout, that's fine. Just be sure to also go to File>Page Setup, and set it to Landscape. I think this may be what's happening to you. I'm having flashbacks.

Saving as a PDF is simple in Mac OSX. Just select ";Print"; and click the ";save as PDF"; button. If you are using Windows, I believe you'll need to purchase a copy of Adobe Acrobat (not Acrobat Reader), or there may be some online services that allow you to convert files to PDF.
Mac + PDF integration is great. 

I found a cheap/free PC program called ";PDF 955"; that allows you to create PDFs for free with an ad-ware version, or you can spend $10 to remove the ads

Once you install the two programs, you ";print"; to Pdf955 just like you would with Acrobat to create the PDF.
Another great little piece of free software for creating PDF's is PrimoPDF (  It functions the same as a rpinter would in that once it's installed you simply choose PrimoPDF as your ";printer"; then it prompts you to choose a file name and location to save the resulting PDF.

Hope this helps!
PDF 995 is great! I used it before I converted from finale/windows to Mac/Sibelius (capitalized for a reason ;) 

Anyhow, the free version of PDF995 takes you to an advertising webpage every single time you use it. So obviously a simple workaround for this annoyance is to block PDF995's web access by using a simple firewall (norton, zone alarm, etc)  This lead to much happier PDF creation.

CutePDF doesn't nag.
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