midi Keyboard.....25, 49 or 61 keys best?

I'm ALMOST ready to buy this program for my iMac using Finale (05- probably will update to 06???) once my Taxes are finally done!

My questions start with which keyboard do YOU recommend to use with this program.  I like the smallness feature of a 25 (& price) but dont want it to make things too tough to work with......

Also, which brand?  EMU, M-Audio?

taking suggestions!!  help me SPEND MY MONEY!!!  ;^)

2 more things.  I use Kat controlers, I have a malletkat 4 octave, a drumkat and a trapkat.  Is this something that I can use easily with this program?  I USED to use it all the time with Finale back in the day, but the tracking in Finale just wasnt good enough, so I started entering entirely by hand.  Been doing that ever since like '98 or so.

(last thing) oh yes, since this is my 1st post, I have a complaint.  I WANT steel drums (from PANYARD) in the next update please. :^)  Then you could dominate everything out there even more!

ok, I'm out.

The keymap for VDL2 spans over 7 octaves for some instruments, so I would buy the biggest you can.  I use a full 88-key MIDI piano (I am primarily a pianist anyways) but most MIDI keyboards have a simple octave up/down button anyways.

Keep in mind VDL2 is not a notation program, so if you use Finale to enter notes... you will still use finale to enter notes.  It won't affect how your malletkat enters notes into your computer, just the sounds you will hear.
If you're on a budget, the M-Audio Keystation 49e is tough to beat. It's only 4 octaves (much better than the Oxygen 8 or O2), but pretty good for a majority of the most common sounds of VDL2. More info at:
I second the 49e for price and ease of use.  If you need more keys, M-Audio makes the Keystation series in 49, 61, 88, and 88 hammer-action varieties.


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I've got the O2 and it's perfect.  I mean, it is only 25 keys, but the octave switching isn't too much of a problem.  It's very portable, so I can go to a meeting with a director or something and say ";So...you want it to sound like this?"; and write it there on the spot.  It all fits in my bag too.
thanks guys, I will look into them a bit further.

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