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Well I kinda looked for similar questions but maybe I just missed them. Anyways... I am trying to export the audio from the score in Sibelius and was wondering if there was any way around having to use the Kontakt Player for it, or if there was a way to get that to work using VD2. I am currently running Sibelius 4 and have 768 Mb RAM and all that on a PC.  Is there a program I can download or somethin? Anything would be helpful as I would like to pull some recordings so I can show the line what its SUPPOSED to sound like.  Thanks!

If you're using the ";export to audio"; feature in Sibelius, it's specifically limited to the SIBELIUS Kontakt Player. The Sibelius Kontakt Player only allows you to play back the sounds it comes with, so if you're trying to render your VDL2 playbacks you should use a separate program to record the audio. many users have had good luck with AUDACITY which is free at:

The more professional way would be to export your Sibelius score as MIDI, then import it into a sequencer (like Logic, Sonar, Digital Performer, Cubase), and do the recording there where you have much more control over everything.
Thanks Jim, that really helped me out a lot.  You are a life-saver on this board.
I use Cubase SE with a mac, and it is pretty affordable.�� I think it may still be $99.�� you would be able to import a�� MIDI file into Cubase and then choose your VST instruments (Virtual Drumline) within that. so that you can make an audio file using the correct sounds.


Also - Take a look at those free version of some PC-based free recorders that would basically listen to your computers audio and save it to a file format.�� All a look at ";All Sound Recorder";�� These you could record your live playback while playing back your score.

This article may even be of help:


Jesse also has a great tutorial in the Tutorial Section that is for people using programs like Cubase, etc.

I am using Sibelius 3 with VD2 on a Mac computer.�� Is there a way to use AUDACITY to listen to my computer's audio and save that to a file format?�� Specifically, can I use AUDACITY to record my Sibelius/VD2 playback all on the same computer, or do I need to use AUDACITY on a different computer to record the playback?

If AUDACITY doesn't do this, is there any free program for Mac that allows me to record playback using one computer?�� Thanks a lot!
There's no need for a 2nd computer- that's a bit of a common sense thing. 

Check out the actual Audacity page to see what it can do.  here's the FAQ:


Since you are on a Mac, you can use these two programs-

[url=http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/]Audio Hijack[/url]

[url=http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/wiretap/]wiretap[/url] (my personal favorite)

While we are on the subject, recording from Sibelius playback will always sound robotic and possibly have skips and other problems depending on your computer, especially with a full ensemble.  Use Logic, Cubase, or other software made for recording and mixing for the best possible results- you'll find plenty of discussion about this on the forums.

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