Just some random idea I had pop up in my head.  What if there was a section of the forum dedicated to the hard work of the vd2 users.  Some place where we can post pieces we have been working on, ideas, and other things of that nature...  Not like the user submitted section of the demos, but one where all of the users who wish to post what they are working on.  Would this be possible?  What do you VD ";cats";(virtual drumline users) think?  I think it would be nice to get some feedback from all of the users, and the ";cats"; that run Tapspace.com.

Cats? Running Tapspace?
I used the term ";vd cats"; refering to it like the term ";jazz cats"; and";cool cats";
Good idea, but it might also invite a flame war.  It's not always easy to accept criticism of ";art"; and drummers are rarely the most humble people in the world.  You might be better off asking for a critique from other percussionists you know for an honest opinion, or even contact a well known WGI or DCI person to take 5 minutes to listen to something of yours. 
I have no problem with this sort of thing as long as the ";critics"; play nice and keep it civil. Constructive criticism is a good thing, and if this forum can help facilitate that, I'm all for it. For now, feel free to do this in the ";General Discussions"; board, and perhaps sometime in the near future we can dedicate a specific board as the ";listening room";. Of course this will rely on users having an active web space to post their recordings, so they can include links to them in the forum posts here. It would be preferable to avoid using hosting services that require outside users (your listeners) to subscribe.
I agree 100% with keeping the feedback clean and positive, and for those who can't abide by those simple rules, enable them from posting on the forum. 
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