Problem Running VDL:2

     I have installed VDL:2, but every time I try to run the program, my computer restarts spontaneously.  I have plenty of hard disk space.  I have a DVD drive.  I have 512 MB RAM.  My computer has an Intel Pentium 4, 2 GHz, and runs on Windows XP.
     Can someone help me out?

This is uncommon. I would recommend you start by using the ";Add or Remove Programs"; control panel to DE-install the software completely. Then try re-installing it again. Be sure while you're installing it, you're patient while the three large .nks files complete their load cycle. It can be a little misleading with the progress meter.

Most likely this behavior is the result of some sort of conflict with some other software or hardware on your machine. It's never a bad idea to ensure any extra drivers you may have (a midi interface driver for example, or the drivers for your audio card) are current. You can also contact Native Instruments online support at:

You have to have already registered your VDL2, so if you haven't yet done that, do so by running the ";registration tool"; which you'll find in the program folder.

Some of the windows experts on this forum may be able to chime in with some more specific troubleshooting tips as well.
Turn off auto-reboot.  You'll get much more information that way, when you get the ";Blue Screen of Death";.

Control Panel > System, Advanced Tab; ";Startup and Recovery"; [Settings], uncheck AUTOMATICALLY RESTART.

When you get another error, take down the file that cruds out, and let us know.
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