I wrote this piece a few years ago, but thanks to the assistance of Bill Castillo (who helped input the notes), and a lot of my own tweaking in Logic, I finally have a decent recording of [b][url=]";Katraterra";[/url][/b] being played strictly by VDL2 (except log drums). This piece will be available from Tapspace soon.

I hope you enjoy!
By the way, ";Katraterra"; is a current Tapspace offering. More info at:

It was also just featured today at PASIC in the new literature concert performed by Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They did a great job with it and it was humbling to see it being performed in the large venue.

I don't remember how much time was spent in Logic compared to Sibelius. I wrote it all in Sibelius, so i know i spent a good deal more time there. Still, working on details of the recording can be time consuming depending how authentic you're wanting to lean.
Way cool stuff.

I just might be ordering this for my winter ensemble.
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