Virtual Drumline - Drum Speak

A few of us are getting together at WGI to record some drum speak, possibly for a VDL update or in the next version.  What would you like to see included in the drum speak library?  Don't hold back and try to be as detailed with pronuciation as possible.

Thanks, see you in Dayton!

Gabe Cobas
";cha-gah-dooosh";  please :)

btw- if Tapspace is too busy, you could edit the samples, name them, put them in a folder, and load them into Kontakt.  Market your very own sound library and make MILLIONS!
Seeing as how we're using Jim's recording equipment, I'd feel slightly guilty about not putting the Tapspace name on it.
Chuggada Chuggada - just because

SCHPLOW!!! - for those sweet shanks


and of course... izzz

I'm sure more will come later while I'm working :-)
This one's gonna get silly. I can see it coming. :)
";bucket-o-fish";???  Is that a 4-stroke roll?
I think so!
I always use ";bucket-o-fish"; when playing a kit.  At the end of a tune, when the band is holding out the last fermata, the drummer plays ";bucket-o-fish"; at the release.(3 sixteenth note triplets followed by an eight note, moving down the drums; snare, hi tom, low tom, then bass.)  Here it is broken down:

bu -  snare
cket - hi tom
o    - low tom
fish -  bass 

Hope this helps!  Also, what about ";Kack";?

Jeremiah Fowler
I actually wrote a choir piece using drum speak.  It's called, oddly enough, ";Drumspeak";.
You need a boosh.

J. Peter Wolk-Laniewski
don't forget the ever popular ";boom"; for bass drum unisions.
Chiga-Dut-Dut = Cheese
Chut-diga-dut = flag drag

One thing that I didn't find in the other vocals was a intense ";HUH"; or ";Who";
I'd like to hear a quick ";skang-guh-dank"; with a nasal voice, simulating a dotted 8th, 16th, and quarter note shot on the low tenor drum.

How about some cheers too?  Woohoo! and Oowwww!
herta herta flauta flauta

(regular hertas followed by grandmas)

These are all great.  I will print them out and take them to Dayton, thanks!
Just get a microphone, digital recorder, adult beverages, and sit down with Float for a couple of hours.  That'll be all the source that you need for drumspeak samples.

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