Virtual Drumline - Drum Speak

A few of us are getting together at WGI to record some drum speak, possibly for a VDL update or in the next version.  What would you like to see included in the drum speak library?  Don't hold back and try to be as detailed with pronuciation as possible.

Thanks, see you in Dayton!

Gabe Cobas
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One thing that I didn't find in the other vocals was a intense ";HUH"; or ";Who";


Robbie, you starting to lose your sight in your old age? ;-) Check out the Vocals Keymap.... The ";Hoo!"; sounds are pretty good on F#5 and G5.  Not much of a ";Huh"; on there, though it would be funny to have a ";huh?";

Not sure where questions would come in handy, but you never know :-)
My personal favorites are...

[b][color=Blue]Dez--d'Gop![/color][/b] (or the variation - Dez--d'Dez--Dez-Dez-d'Gop!)

[b]Dez[/b] is your roll, usually a tap roll - hold it out for as long as you want the roll to last.

[b]d'Gop[/b] would be a tap followed by an an accent (or possibly a shot/ping)

[color=Blue][b]Jeg-a-duh Jeg-a-duh Jeg-a-duh...[/b] [/color]�� (flam accents or swiss triplets)

[b]Jeg[/b] or [b]J'[/b] is the flam - the rest are your inner notes

[b]Jeg-a-duh-j'Jeg-a-duh-j'Jeg-a-duh-j'...[/b]�� patti-fla-fla's

[color=Blue][b]Big-a-d'Big-a-d'bop [/b][/color]�� 16th note sixtuplet (Big-a-d') followed by a tap (bop - usally an 8th note) can use [b]Big-a-d'[/b] [i]or[/i] [b]Dig-a-d' [/b] [i]or[/i] mix them both together, as in the classic...

Big-a-d'bop Big-a-d'bop Big-a-d'Dig-a-d'bop Big-a-d'bop Big-a-d'bop Big-a-d'Dig-a-d'bop Big-a-d'Dig-a-d'bop!

Maybe we should hire this guy...


New Era!

New! New!

n-n-n-NEW ERA!!!

(Couldn't resist :)).
New season is upon us!
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New season is upon us!


BEST hats in the WORLD!!!
(earned run average...oh...and hats too)
I LOVE the New Era hats!
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