Using VDL2 - Maple Midi - Kompakt - Finale 2005 - Oxygen 8 - Windows XP

Hello All,

I am beginning to use VDL2 and am a former VDL1 user.  I pretty much know all the basics for using VDL1 w/ Kompakt as I only used it to arrange battery parts. 

Now it's time to begin using VDL2 with multiple instances.  All I want to do is produce a full score using both battery and pit voices.  How do I set it up so that I can run mulitple instances of VDL2 in order to take full advantage of what it has to offer.  I've been reading through the threads and have read up on HOST programs.  I currently have Kompakt... will this work with what I am trying to do?  Or do I need to purchase another program?  If so, what do you recommend at a fair price and once purchased, how do I set it up?

Dan the Drum Man
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As far as the multiple instances issue goes, you could handle that in a variety of ways...

BIDULE ( is a great piece of software that can be downloaded for free for a 90 day trial period, after which you can purchase a license for $75.  It allows multiple instances of VST instruments to be setup (there is a great deal of information about setting that stuff up on this forum, and their own)

KONTAKT ( is a also a great option, as it allows the use of ";banks"; which allows you to use multiple instruments on one channel or staff (e.g. timpani and a djembe or marimba and drum set, etc.).  This retails for around $399, but if you are eligible for the academic version, you can pick up a copy for around $180.  This will allow you to set up 64 different banks, which I'm sure would be more than enough, and each bank can contain up to 128 instruments (or programs, technically speaking).

Those are the two that I am most familiar with and have great success in using.  I hope this helps.
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