Hey guys,

I just stumbled across something by Native Instruments called BANDSTAND.  I am wondering if it might be the answer to the ";missing saxophone sounds"; issue when you try to listen to wind scores.  Does anyone have any experience with this particilar NI product?

After digging around and checking this out some more, I wonder if this is the NI ";answer"; to the Apple ";GarageBand"; app.?  Anyone know?
I don't think this could be considered a GarageBand replacement (which is more of a low budget sequencer). The way I understand it, Bandstand is simply a GM sound module. If you are used to listening to General MIDI files with the standard sounds included on many soundcards (or in Quicktime for example), loading your MIDI files into Bandstand would be a way of hearing those midi files with improved sounds from most GM modules, and allowing some enhanced control over those sounds.

Not sure how its saxes sound. You might also look into Garritan JABB, though I'm not sure how easy it will be to control its various parameters via a notation program for convincing realism. Something to look into though.
Gotcha!  Thanks Jim.
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