Problems with successive cymbals sounds getting softer or not playing

Hello all,

I am having some trouble with play back of both my marching cymbals and my Rack Combo A cymbals.  For example, I might write a china cymbal chrash on beat 1 and then want a sus. cym. crash on beat 4 (tempo equals 160).  However, it plays back the first crash at a correct volume but plays the next one softer or sometimes not at all.  I am using Finale 2006 and Kontakt 2, all newest updated versions.  If I had to guess I am assuming this might be a memory and cpu speed problem.  I am using DFD sampling.  It even does it, when I only play back that one line and mute the rest.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated!

I have 1 Gig Ram
2.4 gig processor


Try this...

In Kontakt 2, click the wrench icon next to the instrument that is giving you the problems.  Click the group editor button and then click edit all groups.  After you do that check to make sure that the retrigger button is orange.  JUst to be sure, you may want to reload your samples into your sampler rather then DFD.  Let us know if that works.

WOW! Incredibly Fast response.  I continue to be amazed by this forum.

Your info worked like a charm.  I am extremly happy to have the fix.  However, is it possible you could explain what selecting edit all groups in essence is doing and the retrigger button being on does.  If that's a question for Kontakt 2 support I understand.  I guess my question is, do I need to do this to all my instruments, such as marimba, glock, snare, etc?

Thanks again!

Scott Ward
You get a fast response becasue I am at work on a Saturday, small price to pay in order to be in Dayton this week.

I believe the reason for the needed edits is because VDL:2 was created using the Kontakt 1.5 engine.  The translation didn't quite make it all the way through when using K2.  I know Tapspace is aware of this and hopefully it will be addressed in the next library or update.

I have only had to make these edits once.  I make the edit and save the multi, my changes are saved in K2.  I am not sure of the true definition of ";retrigger"; I just do it blindly and trust the gurus of Tapspace!

Thanks Gabe!  That works for me.  I will do the same.

Yes, this problem only affects a few instruments. Just little glitches that fell through the cracks with the first library release. It will be fixed in the next update. Stay tuned!
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