8 instruments max question

So I understand that there is an 8 intrument limit in this version of Kontakt Player.  But I was wondering if i ran two simultaneous VLD2's and set say, the first instance to recieve from Midi YokeNT 1 and the second to Midi Yoke NT 2, and I had a machine that could handle all of that info, would it work?  That way I am doubling my instruments from 8 to 16, and I could hear the entire battery arrangement, and the entire pit arrangement, all together.  I know that I can run 2 instances of VLD2 at the same time... i have them open right now but im not using them.  But I'm having some issues that I had posted in another thread, so I'm not even going to give it a try for fear my computer will crash.  Has anybody done this, and been sucessful?
I've run somewhere on the order of 30 instruments at once, though it wasn't all VDL2.  No hickups.

Yes, it can be done.  You have to have the horsepower.  The only way to get around brawn is by using VST freezing techniques.  Given the skinny box you have, it may be the best way to go.
What are you using then if you are not using VDL2?
It was other instrument packages using Kontakt Player, in addition to using Kontakt Player for VDL.
I have been experiencing a similar problem.  I managed to load and playback 16 channels by us the window in Finale that allows Edit of VST players.  I open up the ";channel 1-16"; player and load the first 8 channels.  I then open up the ";channel 17-32"; player and load the first 8 on that.  This effectively opens to instances of Kontakt player and I get all sounds I loaded in playback.  This in on Finale 2006 with the version ";C"; update. 


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