sounds, then nothing

I was running VD2 fine, then all of the sudden, no sounds using Finale.  I restarted my iMac G5, made sure ALL the settings where set right and still nothing.  I've can hear the sounds when I play the Kontakt player, or when I exprot a midi file out to garageband, but not in Finale.  I'm also using it on my ibook but it's working just fine.

any thoughts?

Hey is there a maximum number of computers the license is good for?  (like 2 hopefully!)
What version of Finale? If it's 2006, I'd suggest you post the same question on the Finale forums at:

If you're using a version pre-2006, I wonder if something may have gone haywire with your virtual MIDI cable. Go to Audio MIDI Setup, and de-activate your IAC driver. Restart. Then re-activate it, close AMS, go back into your finale score and verify your ins and outs are correct, and try again. If that still doesn't work, perhaps try deleting any current IAC bus/ports, then re-creating a new ones (again in MIDI setup).

You are permitted to register the software on two of your own machines, so you should be ok there.
I've just spent about an hour trying to get something working from you suggestions Jim.�� Still nothing, or more of the same.�� This worked fine for about a 1.5 hour on the day of the install, then I came back to it after 3 days and nothing.�� My computer was just asleep....

So I'm running OSX.4.6 using Finale 05.�� Now I'm getting Sibelius in a couple of days, will this still be messed up?�� Works fine still on my lap top.�� SHould I purge it of VDL2 and reinstall?

I turned off the driver midi thing, but couldnt delete it and then make another one, if that makes sense.��

thanks for the continuned help.
Hmm...I'm not sure exactly what may be the problem. You might start by doing a bit of maintenance on your mac. Start by repairing permissions (in the ";disk utility"; program). That's something to get in the habit of doing regularly every week or two if you can. Which version of Finale 2006 are you using? I think their maintenance updates are up to 2006d. It's usually a good idea to ensure you have the latest release. If the IAC driver is posing a problem (my gut is it isn't, but I'm not sure), maybe you could supply a bit more detail on how you're porting Finale to VDL2 via IAC. This will be the same method you use to interface with Sibelius when you get it, however the setup in Sibelius is slightly different. Hang in there. I'm sure there is a solution.
alright, I repaired permissions, restarted, tried it, nothing.....

I'm using Finale '05 - not 06 (and soon to be Sibelius)

Should I reinstall VDL2?
I don't think it should be necessary to reinstall VDL2. I think it may be helpful if you could supply some more details. Since we can't be in the same room with you, it's definitely best to cover as many bases when describing the problem. Here are a few important questions you should answer:

1. Are you getting sounds from the VDL2 player when you launch it, load instruments, then click the on-screen keyboard with your mouse? If so, this is good and the problem is probably linked to some settings being incorrect in how you're interfacing with Finale 2005.

2. List the settings of the VDL2 Soundcard setup window

3. List the settings of the VDL2 MIDI setup window

4. List the settings of your Finale MIDI Setup window

5. List the settings of your Finale Instrument List window.

Sorry for the ";to do"; list. I think if you can supply these details, we'll have a much better chance of steering you in the right direction. Hang in there! :)
got it!!! The midi prefes in VDL2 where changed, even thugh I've never changed them....strange but oh well!!!!

thanks Jim for the push and the permissions repair I've been neglecting.

Now is there any way to save patches of loaded sounds so you dont have to go through and load everything in ";by hand";.  - save to disc like a real sampler?

Always something huh? ;)

thanks again!

[quote author=sonordrum link=topic=1090.msg4622#msg4622 date=1145933243]
Now is there any way to save patches of loaded sounds so you dont have to go through and load everything in ";by hand";.  - save to disc like a real sampler?


Saving multi's is not a feature of the first Kontakt Player (what you're currently using). It will however be a feature in the upcoming update for VDL2, so stay tuned for more info on that soon. If it's driving you nuts, and you want to save your multis right away, the best way to do this is by loading the VDL2 instruments into Kontakt 2 (the full version). This is how I do it, and it's a great way to work. If you can hold out for a few months, the VDL2 update is going to have some great new features in it and won't cost you anything extra.
sounds like something I'm going to like a lot :)

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