Cymbal suck and zing sounds

Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone else found a way to make sure that the cymbal suck and zing sounds articulate (with regards to the actual suck sound, not the scraping leading up to it) on the intended beat.

To clarify a little more, the sample are triggered on beat one (per se), but the actual suck sound doesn't happen until a split second later.  The sounds are great as always, but has anybody else really noticed this or found a way easier than writing dummy notes and playback notes to get the desired sound. Is there anything I can do to the setup of the samples or instrument in Kontakt to acheieve this?

Are you talking about entering in a sizzle and then entering in a suck?  Try this, enter in an 8th note sizz/suck and then an 8th rest.  What will happen is the sizzle will play on the first 8th note and the suck will trigger on the rest.
Bryan - you nitpicker you! :) This is one of those things that is tough to decide upon. The ";suck"; won't necessarily sound like a ";suck"; without that pre-suck sound that leads into the main articulation. I know that delay you speak of, and it was a matter of compromise in the programming of how much ";pre suck"; to leave in tact. If it's driving you nuts, insert a grace note prior to the ";main"; note, and tie it to the main note. Then hide the grace note so it doesn't show on the part you should be able to alter the attack entrance by dragging the (hidden) grace note closer or farther from the main note to get a little earlier attack, so the main part of the articulated ";suck"; sound will occur ON the beat you want to hear it rather than slightly after it. Let me know if that needs further clarification.
Jim, you're the man.

Score one up for the Cadillac drumline.

P.S. Bill, cool idea.
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