I have VDL2 Running with Sibelius and can't enter Bass Drum notes that are out of my keyboard range. I tried my roland Jv-30 to no avail, then used my oxygen 8. I can only get the notes up to C6 to trigger with my conrollers. On my Oxygen8 I use the ocatave presets but can only get to C6. Help I want to use these unique timbres to expand my palette.

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I recall some keyboards having a C7 limit, but not C6 (as printed in the VDL2 manual, C7 would be ";drum 3 roll w/dread/rod";). This is one reason the lesser-used sounds are placed in the extreme range, but one way to get this to work would be this:

If you needed (for example) a ";DRUM 1 MUTED W/LH"; sound, and don't have the keyboard range to manually enter it, just enter it on DRUM 3 (which uses the same notehead). Once that note is entered, simply click the ";UP ARROW"; key twice to move the note up a couple drums. It's not glamorous, but one way to get that note where you want it.

Hope this helps!
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