WGI congrats!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in what seemed to be a very active and successful WGI championships in Dayton! I wasn't able to see too many performances, but there was some very good stuff going on from what I managed to check out.

Special props go out to Gabe Cobas and Bill Castillo for all their help in the Tapspace booth which got quite busy during much of the show! Many forum members also took time to stop by. It's always good to put names and faces to screen names. It's good to see the community growing with such a great collection of creative minds!

Looking forward to the next go-around. Congrats again to all the WGI lines.
I would like to second the congrats to all the groups that made the trip to Dayton.

Jim, it was my pleasure to help you guys out.  Remember, I'm a glutton for punishment and enjoy this type of stuff.
Better question...

... how'd the drumspeak recording go? ;)
[quote author=Cadet311 link=topic=1095.msg4629#msg4629 date=1145971597]
Better question...

... how'd the drumspeak recording go? ;)

By the time the show ended each day and we packed up the booth (around 11pm) we were completely exhausted.  Who knew that being on your feet 16 hours a day would make you tired : )?  We never got a chance to record, unfortunately.  We did talk about how it would work and hopefully it will still be recorded.

It was great meeting you guys at the booth! My son was smiling from ear to ear when he got Jim's autograph. I look forward to what's on the horizon, and couldn't do with out all of your help and guidence.

Thanks Again!
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