VDL2FullScore2005_0.9.1.mus template troubles

I'm using VDL2 with Finale 2006d.  I've used this template a million times with Finale 2005 without any trouble.  However, I opened it up for the first time in 2006 today and everything is displaying correctly when I enter parts except for the percussion staff which just displays the pitch the particular sound is assigned to.  I have the notation style set to percussion and ensured that the percussion map selection is VDL2 Rack Combo A.  I suspect I might be forgetting something really obvious here so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Using the staff tool, double click on the guilty staff and navigate to the percussion map designer window. Click to edit the ";rack combo a"; percussion map and click the ";all named notes"; button. Once you've done this, close out this and all other dialog windows, and try again. This is a glitchy thing in Finale that sometimes will help kick start the percussion map into behaving properly.

Let us know if it helps.
Ok, I just noticed that the check boxes for Highlighted Note were all unchecked. ��I fixed that by checking all the boxes but I noticed that the file on the page with all the templates didn't have those boxes checked when I just downloaded it again. ��The fonts are still all wrong though...anyone have any ideas?
Jim, I think I was replying to myself when you were replying.  Thanks for the tip.  I tried it to see if it would fix the fonts and it didn't.  I'm having a hard time remember where you can set the fonts for a staff.  I might try creating a new staff and selecting that percussion map.  If anyone has any ideas let me know.  Thanks.
Recreating the staff did the trick.  After reselecting VDL2 Rack Combo A for the percussion map everything looked good.  Why that fixed it will forever be a mystery though...

Glad to hear you were able to find the solution for this David! There might be some quirks occuring when converting the 2005 template to 2006 format, but I'm not quite sure. Hopefully you can start making some music now. :)

Good luck!
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