Glock sound not responding

I am arranging for a pit ensemble and I am trying to write something for the glock.  I have edited the instrument and everything is set-up to come through VD2, I have it on the right channel, the midi is set-up correctly, and I am just frustrated b/c I am sure that somewhere there is switch that is not turned on.  Anyway, thank you for your help.

A few more details about your exact settings will help diagnose the problem. You're probably right that there is simply a setting that was missed.

1. What do you have set as MIDI-IN for VDL2?

2. Are you using a notation program? If so, what notation program are you using? What are the settings for MIDI-OUT in this notation program?

3. Is there a percussion map set to the staff you're writing on?

4. What do you mean when you say you edited the instrument? Do you mean the staff?

5. What channel is the glock set to in VDL2? What channel is the staff set to in your notation program (if you're using one).

It's not a bad idea to include your system specs as well (operating system, RAM amount, soundcard settings, notation software and version). Remember, we aren't looking at your system so we have no idea what you are doing unless you take an extra minute to carefully share those details with us. I'm sure a solution is a few clicks away...
1. MIDI-IN=USB Audio Device

2. I am using Finale 2006 for my notation program.  The settings for MIDI-OUT is SmartMusic SoftSynth 1

3.  I am using the VD2 template that you can download so the mapping is set.  Every instrument is working fine except for the glock channel.  It is showing that something is playing, but you can only hear it if you take it off of VD2 and put it through the sounds on Finale..if that makes any sense.

4.  In the studio view for Finale 2006 you can click on the instrument and you can 'edit instrument'. It will pull up a box that has all of these settings and it shows that it is running through VD2 and that it is Channel 5 but I just can't hear it.

5.  Channel 5 Like I said earlier, every other instrument is working just fine...just Channel 5.  It is weird.

My operating system is Windows XP, 2.80 GHz, .98GB of RAM

Thanks again for your help on this issue.

Based on that information, I assume you are running VDL2 as a VST plug-in in Finale. Is that correct?

Have you properly set up each staff in Finale's INSTRUMENT LIST window? You want to be sure your glock staff is set to ";glock"; on channel 5 in the Instrument List window, as well as in the VDL2 interface.

If you are only playing back VDL2 sounds (as a NI VST plugin), you can set your Finale MIDI-OUT to ";none";. SmartMusic SoftSynth is Finale's default GM soundfont, and doesn't come into play if you are triggering sounds from a Native Instruments VST plug-in.
On occasion, I have had the same problem with Bells/Crotales (I am running Sibelius).

What I have found (and most of the time when I have this problem, it is when I am cutting and pasting, rather than entering with the keyboard), is that the bell part is written in a wrong octave (usually 1 or 2, too high).

Try transposing down 1-2 octaves.

Good point Vinnie! Seems that by default in Sibelius and Finale, a ";glock"; staff will automatically transpose 2 octaves higher than written (which is the natural glock transposition). However, when using VDL2, the transposition isn't necessary. The VDL2 instrument is mapped to its written range, and since they're ";live"; sounds, there is no need for the notation program to transpose it.
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